Villa Dimoulitsa

our secret olive village

In the northern part of Corfu, in a picturesque village in Doukades, is our secret olive village. Our grandmother started building our “village” in 1980 with a lot of love and an appetite for the result she envisioned.

From the first minutes you wander around the estate you realize that you are in a magical place where only the fairies of the fairy tale are missing.

The beauty of nature with its tall olives, cacti and colorful flowers enchants you.

Try to feel part of the fairy tale and live the experience offered by our secret olive village.

Villa Dimoulitsa


Set in an idyllic location just outside Doukades, one of Corfu’s quaint villages near the west coast, our secret olive village is in a peaceful and secluded countrified setting with little to disturb the peace of the private estate but the sounds of birds and the hum of cicadas.

The meraki[may-rah-kee](noun)the soul, creativity, or love put into something) of our parents Nikos and Anna that they put into is our biggest asset. It is our initial guarantee that your vacation will be unforgettable.

You will feel comfortable, indulge in the beauty of nature and be part of our fairytale.